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Installation of Officers, FC Degrees

posted Nov 24, 2011, 7:36 PM by Kurt Gazow


The last meeting of our 100th year celebration is now fin- ished. Election of officers for 2012 (our 101st year) are completed. The following is the roster of your 2012 officers. I’m sure most of you will not be surprised by this selection:

WM—Mac Parker , SW—Frank Moxley, JW—Rennie Johnson, Treasurer—Paul Haukaas, Secretary—Jim Cobb, Chaplain—Don Fitzgerald, Marshal—Hunter Greening, SD—Aaron Lutz, JD—Jeff Brunsdon, SS—Kurt Gazow, JS—vacant, Musician—Paul Runyan, Tyler—Kent Stradley

In an earlier publication, I stated that North Bank Lodge #182 is growing and said ‘why don’t you come and watch us and take part in our future.’ In each of our last three meeting we have conferred the EA Degree on a new Brother. We will be conferring the FC Degree on two of these Brothers at a Special meeting on Saturday, 17 December beginning at 10:00 am. We will take a lunch break and then present the lectures. I would be honored to have you come out and support our new Brothers.


WM Mac Parker