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2012 Masonic Summer

posted Aug 25, 2012, 7:57 AM by Kurt Gazow   [ updated Aug 25, 2012, 8:08 AM ]
It's a great day to be a Mason!  As we have been enduring the long hot summer weeks of July and August, I have been counting the days until I see my brothers again at Lodge.  While we've been away, though, Masonic activities in and around North Bank have still been moving along!

Throughout the summer months, this writer has been to quite a number of Masonic events, and even more occurred that I didn't make it to.  I thought I'd recount a few of the high points of where North Bank has been represented throughout the summer months.

Summer of 2012 brought the regional gathering of the Widows Sons, a Masonic Motorcycle club, to Prineville, Oregon.  Many Masonic brothers in our area are members of the Washington Grand Chapter, including Brother David Coffing, member of North Bank and current Master of Washington Lodge #4.  Brother Kurt Gazow was able to connect with two Masons from the Everett area for quite a day ride down to
Prineville in 100+ degree weather.  While the weather was hot, the bonds of brotherhood were quite refreshing!  On arriving in Prineville, he was able to connect with several other area Brothers, Br. Leigh Cahill, VWB Jim Thompson, VWB Jay Galland, among many others.  After a quick stop at the Prineville Masonic Lodge, he had a great evening ride up over Mt. Hood back to Portland.  All in all, a long ride with great company!

Another great event from the Masonic Summer of 2012 was the Washington Lodge #4 Hands Across The River dinner.  As occurred during the summer of 2011, WA#4 put on a banquet honoring both MWGM's from Washington and Oregon.  The banquet was well attended by Masons from both sides of the border.  A fantastic Masonic speaker was also in attendance, who gave a very inspiring speech to al who were there.  Truly a wonderful evening, organized by WA#4 WM and North Bank Lodge member Br. David Coffing

Late this August, Brother Ray Zimmerman sponsored a Masonic team for the Battle Ground relay for life.  The team was dubbed "Freemasons for Life", and was made up of brothers from around our District.  Brother Gazow and his wife took a two hour shift walking around the track from 4AM to 6AM.  They relieved Brother Carl Jorgenson from WA#4, and were then relieved by a group of members from another area lodge.  It was great to see Masons from around our District supporting this noble effort.

All in all, a fantastic summer, and that is just a taste of what happened; more to follow in additional posts.  Here's to a great Masonic Summer.  I look forward to seeing all of you in lodge sometime soon!